Why we do this..

Schlachtfest is a culinary celebration. Each dinner pays homage to one animal, reared locally, by carefully chosen farms and farmers and invites Berlins’ most talented chefs to take guests on a journey from farm to table, nose to tail. 

Mr. Susan and Kavita Meelu have teamed up with Berlin's brightest rising star cooks and food craftsman: Lode + Stijn, Kantine 9 and The Sausage Man Never Sleeps. The team stems from an eclectic and vibrant background both in and out of the kitchen, but have one thing in common – love and respect for food. 

The aim of Schlachtfest is to not only to feed Berlin delicious food but to invite guests on an exploration of farming, sustainability, local sourcing and nose to tail love for livestock. Our mission is to highlight and explore one animal per season in an ongoing series where the Schlachtfest team and guests alike can truly pay respect to the food we eat and discover new styles and innovation in food. Guest chefs locally and around the globe will be invited in future editions to share their skill and their philosophy.  

Food is love and we love our Food.