How often does the Schlachtfest take place?

Four times a year! we will select an animal depending on the season 

How can I be a part of it?

Please sign up to our mailing list to receive and invitation. We will send then send you a menu and price for the dinner and information on how to buy tickets. 

Will you Slaughter the animal at the dinner event?

No. first of all this would be illegal. Second of all, most meat needs time to hang and sit before it can be eaten. Depending on the animal we are preparing, we will slaughter and butcher it around 1 week before the dinner itself. 

Can I attend the slaughter & butchering of the animal?

Yes, but we only have limited amounts of places to attend the butchering. Every time we send out an invitation we will be clear on how many people can attend the slaughter and places will be allocated on a first come first serve basis. 

So, who is cooking the animal?

A selection of Chefs from berlin and beyond will come together and divide the sections of the animal between them. You will be served five courses. Each course is prepared by one chef team. At the end of the evening we will invite you to drink and dance the night away with us!

I'm a chef and I want to join the Schlachtfest crew?

email us! we are always interested in meeting likeminded people!